Ecological Surveys

Our team of qualified biologists and ecologists along with trained volunteers manage and undertake ecological surveys at several sites across the UK, monitoring populations of some of our most neglected species. With experience in the relevant area of UK ecology, we prioritise sites of ecological importance and deliver annual reports on our findings to the landowners along with recommendations on how to manage the site to benefit the wildlife present. Additionally, our volunteer team can provide habitat management services under supervision of an ecologist.


We would like to thank Camille Cohen for her donation to support our ecological monitoring programmes

We do not currently provide consultancy services to development sites or to advise in planning applications, our service is purely for scientific interest. We work with sites such as new woodland or meadows, or those of special scientific interest requiring accurate population monitoring.

 Our surveys operate with break even budgets, as we run them for the benefit of our wildlife rather than our bottom line. If you would be interested in having professionally managed ecological surveys at your site, that won’t break the bank, please get in touch with us.

We currently provide surveys for: