Project: WILD Web Series

When it’s finished, you will be able to find the series here:

Our fantastic team of volunteers are working hard to finalise production on a Wildlife Web Series destined for YouTube, all about the forgotten and unusual wildlife that calls the UK home. As our flagship project, it is entirely volunteer run and will form the basis of an interactive wildlife map and learning environment being built for our website.

The intent behind the films is to educate young people about wildlife conservation issues that are often ignored due to the species less than desirable characteristics! Would you rather help a cute little Red Squirrel or a Smooth Snake? Both need our help, but one definitely gets a larger slice of the conservation pie! If we can raise the profile of these at-risk species by producing a series of exciting films then they stand a better chance of survival. Subscribe to the Project: WILD YouTube page and our newsletter to be the first to know when the series is ready to watch!

Series 1

The production of the first series was the precursor to the entire organisation, and finally after 5 years should be ready to view in 2021! With 15 episodes covering everything from Scorpions in Kent, Hedgehogs in Suffolk and Adders in Dorset, keep an eye out for this WILD adventure series! Take a look at the video below for little sneak preview of things to come!

Volunteer Production Team

Nicholas Atherton

Sound Design
Ben Gawne

Script Writers
Nicholas Atherton
Max Kelly

Nicholas Atherton
Elliot Arnold
Raynor Bloom
Ben Gawne
Robbie Gawne
Philip Nash

Raynor Bloom
Lizzie Coney
Harry May
Andy Nixon
Becky Robinson
Keegan Schroeder
Peter Williams

Jessica McFarland
Tse Kan Ming

James Brown                                Lizzie Pendlington
Elliot Wheatland-Clinch

Thanks To
Jackie Ashkin, Alexandra Burkitt, Florence Cage, Max Carrey, Charlotte Cass, Alec Christie, Dominic Clarke, Milly Clover, Megan Elizabeth, Harry Gunning, Toby Hall, Kate Hutchinson, Katie Jelpke, Adi Keltch, Nicole Lahiff, Peter Lennon, Hannah Lette, Kate Oliver, Shati Patel, Emily Ramsden, Victoria Speers, Jacob Taylor, Grania Weston

Special Thanks To
Michelle Brown, the staff and volunteers at National Trust Studland Heath
Katie Cannon
Richard Gilbert, the staff and volunteers at National Trust Dunwich Heath
Tim Strudwick, RSPB Strumpshaw Fen
The doctors, nurses and staff at Poole Hospital

Series 2

Anticipating success for the first series we want to be ready to go with a second. So it was, in 2017, four of our team headed out to Portugal equipped with 4k cameras, ambient audio recorders and even a drone to showcase some of the rare and declining species of the Iberian Peninsula. Post-production will start as soon as Series 1 is released. Take a look at the video below for a sneak preview of what we have in store for the future of the web series!