At any one-time Project: WILD C.I.C. has several different projects going on, ranging from creating wildlife films and activity packs, to establishing school workshops and training courses for adults and providing mental health support. Scroll down to find out more about some of our current projects!

Current Projects

Project: WILD Web Series

COMING SOON! A YouTube Wildlife Web Series all about the forgotten and unusual wildlife that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves or needs. A full ‘edutainment’ experience featuring original music, animation and exciting footage. Keep your eyes peeled for this one!

Schools Go WILD!

Schools Go WILD! is our largest direct youth engagement project delivering workshops to thousands of school pupils, truly bringing the outdoors in by allowing young people the opportunity to engage with living wildlife from their local area!

Young Peoples Animated Issues

This project aims to give young people the chance to share their own perceptions and solutions to the problems that face their communities through the engaging format of animation!

Inspiring Opportunities

Funded by The National Lottery Community Fund this is our COVID response project aiming to support three key demographics in and around the Selby District; Adults struggling with their mental health, young people living with disabilities or out of mainstream education and all young people in schools aged 5-13.


Spend up to 5 days getting WILD this summer; exploring your local wildlife, developing field ecology skills, trying your hand at bushcraft and making your community a nature friendly space!